HALO is next generation on-the-go hydration, with only 1g of sugar and 15 calories, and all the electrolytes,  ionic trace minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Pour it. mix it. drink it.

About halo



Your optimal workout partner just arrived! HALO is strategically designed to support peak performance while you work out. One stick of HALO delivers the perfect balance of bioavailable electrolytes, vitamins, and ionic trace minerals during exercise. HALO is also your post-workout replenisher, calculated to rebalance invaluable depleted nutrients lost through sweat.


Extreme weather, both heat and cold, can put you at risk of dehydration. The hotter the temperature, the more the body tries to cool itself by sweating, resulting in water depletion. Winter dehydration is much sneakier. Simply breathing in cold, dry air contributes to fluid loss. HALO works overtime to infuse your body with lost electrolytes in extreme weather. No fair-weather friend here.


Passport? Check. On-the-go snacks? Check. HALO sticks Check!  It’s not just your lips, face and hands that get drier than a desert while flying. You can lose up to 2 liters of water during a 10-hour flight. Airplanes are basically designed to dehydrate you from the inside out. Stash your HALO sticks in your purse, backpack or pocket and get ahead of water loss before it gets you.


Over-indulged in the alcohol department? Been there, done that. The leading cause of hangovers is cellular water depletion. HALO’s proprietary, cohesive blend of essential nutrients swiftly delivers the precise proportion of rehydrating minerals, vitamins and electrolytes, flooding cells with hydration so you can get back to feeling your best.