“Optimum hydration is a critical performance factor that is often over-looked. I use HALO to keep myself hydrated on the court and in training.”

Sir Andy Murray

3 Time Grand Slam Champion

HALO Hydration tastes so good, that even young athletes enjoy hydrating with HALO. Believe me that was not the case in the past!”

Patrick Mouratoglou

World's Most Influential Tennis Coach

"Having HALO during half time keeps my performance consistent throughout the entire 90 minutes of the game."

Emerson Palmieri

European Cup Champion in Football

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Reece Dunn

3x British Paralympic champion

"I am proud to be an ambassador for team HALO and to be a part of a product that I believe can revolutionize the way we consider

Ed Ashcroft

Rugby Team Captain for TeamBath

Hannah Passmore

Netball Team Captain for TeamBath

"HALO is the only other thing I drink besides water."

Don Saladino

Coach & Fitness Entrepreneur

“Sweating during intense trainings causes excessive mineral and electrolyte loss. Fortunately, the above can easily be supplemented by HALO products, therefore I’m able to avoid muscle cramps.”

Filip Inglot

Ultra distance athlete

“I recommend HALO to all my clients to stay healthy and hydrated without the added sugar or calories.”

Kelsey Heenan

Fitness Influencer, Co-Founder of HIIT Burn

"It’s important that I stay hydrated during my training sessions on the bike. HALO helps me refuel and rehydrate. The HALO metal water bottle also keeps the water fresh and cold."

Dylan Hessey

BMX Athlete

“HALO has changed the game! I have been struggling with cramps my entire tennis career, and now I feel like I have an extra gear.”

Jasdeep Paintal

Tennis Player at Point Loma University

Kyle Tang

Tennis Player at the University of Louisville

Being hydrated is essential during a game so I make sure to drink my favorite hydration powder, HALO Hydration, before every game!” 

Maggie Pierce

Soccer Player at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Max Tullet


“I love my HALO Hydration at the beginning, middle, and peak of my games!"

Nicole Mcguigan

Ice Hockey Player at the Boston University

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Rory Brown

hockey player for teambath

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Taylor Andersen

Tennis Player at GCU

HALO is my favorite hydration product out there. You get the great taste of a sports drink without the added sugar and a bonus of extra vitamins and minerals!”

Taylor Johnson

Tennis Player at the University of California Los Angeles

Alicia Wilson

Great Britain Olympic Swimmer

HALO is without a doubt the best hydration multiplier out there. I can’t imagine my day without having a pack along side me during competition and training.”

Augie Renedezer

Water polo player at Loyola Marymount University

HALO it’s the best product I have found to help me recover, perform and prepare for practice and competition.” 

Borja Mirales

Tennis Player at the Butler University

Garrett Dunn

Water Polo Player at the University of California Berkeley

Holly Hutchison

British Professional Tennis Player 

HALO hydration is the best in the game.”

Liam Draxl

Tennis Player at the University of Kentucky

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Lulu Noda

Junior Tennis Player

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Maia Sung

Tennis player at Princeton University

HALO is easy to take with me when I travel and helps me stay hydrated during training and matches. It’s also the best tasting electrolyte powders I’ve ever had!” 

Millen Hurrion

Tennis Player at the University of Kentucky

HALO is the only drink I’ve found that doesn’t make me cramp up while playing! It’s my favorite thing to drink during my games!" 

Sabrina Schrader

Lacrosse player at College of William and Mary

Tomi Main

Tennis player at Texas Tech University