Blake Lively's Personal Trainer Shares His Best At-Home Exercises

Working out at home in self quarantine? Now is the perfect time to take it back to the basics: bodyweight workouts. Thankfully, you don't need a bunch of fancy equipment or even dumbbells to build the physique you want; all it takes is you. Not only are bodyweight workouts quick and simple, but they can be modified for any fitness level, they improve mobility and balance, and they're great for mastering technique and form.

According to Don Saladino, HALO Chief Wellness Advisor and the trainer responsible for some of Hollywood's most coveted physiques including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman: "Bodyweight workouts can be incredibly beneficial in not only changing body composition but also improving form." Here are 3 effective bodyweight moves we recommend incorporating into your home workouts:

The Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is a fundamental exercise that's simple, yet effective. Not only does it strengthen the quads, hamstrings and glutes, but it also works the core and back and increases hip mobility. It can be performed as part of a dynamic warm-up or with higher intensity as part of a cardio routine.

Plank Walkout to Pushup 

Want Don's signature superhero physique? This one's for you. The plank walkout to pushup hits the lower-body muscles, crushes the core and strengthens the arms, chest and shoulders all at once. It also increases your body's range of movement. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and keep your hips up to get the most out of this exercise.

Ice Skaters

For more of a calorie burn and to increase strength and speed, try this explosive version of the lateral lunge. Ice skaters not only work the lower body, but they also build endurance, balance and coordination. If you prefer something more low-impact, skip the jumping and do a stationary lateral lunge instead.

Don is offering a free 4-week bodyweight program to HALO subscribers. Not only is Don a major fan of bodyweight workouts, he drinks a HALO with his workout every day. “Drinking HALO at home is so important due to the trace minerals in the sea salt. Plus, the magnesium and other minerals makes this a perfect way to hydrate," explains Don. 

To get Don’s free bodyweight program, download it here.

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