Top 3 Tips To "Fall" Into Fitness According To A Celebrity Trainer

Whether you're ready to crush your goals or your end-of-summer slump is in full effect, fall is the perfect time to hit reset on your fitness routine and work towards new goals. "I look at the fall as the second new year," says celebrity trainer and HALO Chief Wellness Advisor Don Saladino. "I find this time of year the easiest to commit. You basically have 2 1/2 months to focus before the next holiday." With that in mind, here are Don's top 3 tips for staying motivated as we transition into the fall season:

  1. Cut down on alcohol. Now is the perfect time to give your body a break from all the frosé and other summer cocktails. "It's not a festive time of year so try to eliminate or cut back," says Don. We recommend replacing the alcohol with HALO, which not only hydrates the body but also replenishes it with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals  the perfect hydration cocktail to help you achieve your fitness goals if you ask us.
  2. Start a new program. A new program can be incredibly motivating, says Don. Set new goals and create a realistic plan to achieve them. And don't forget to reward yourself along the way. Celebrate the small wins and don't aim for perfection (it doesn't exist).
  3. Prioritize rest. Pushing yourself to the extreme could lead to burnout. Don recommends prioritizing rest by trying new recovery modalities like cryotherapy, compression baths, ice baths, and meditation massage. Aim to add one new modality a week.
Fitness is a lifestyle, and there's no quick fix or definitive end. There's always room to improve and set new goals, and unless you give up, there's no real way to fall off track. "I will purposely take a few days off here and there. Fitness and wellness are enjoyable for me, so there's no falling off track. My advice is to find a safe and enjoyable way to train. Don't overdo it." As Don suggests, fitness needs to be sustainable for longterm health and happiness, and chances are you'll build confidence, be consistent, and achieve lasting results if you actually enjoy the journey.

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