HALO is excited to announce our recent partnership with health and fitness sensation Kelsey Heenan who will support us in our mission to hydrate people the healthy way.

Kelsey joins an impressive list of health & fitness experts and advisors to the brand including celebrity trainers Don Saladino and Amy Rosoff-Davis, fitness personalities Denise and Katie Austin, renowned nutritionist Keri Glassman, celebrity dermatologist Whitney Bowe and most recently, Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull) and his dance team “The Most Bad Ones.”

“At HALO, we actively seek out true partners that believe in what we’re doing and we then work together on all levels. We’re very excited about Kelsey joining our already impressive roster of HALO partners and know her expertise and energy will bolster our efforts,” said HALO Co-Founder Robin Shobin.

“With our lemon juice base, trace minerals plus vitamins and antioxidants, I painstakingly developed the formula to deliver added health benefits as well as unrivalled efficient hydration. Getting buy-in from someone of Kelsey’s caliber is a great boost for me personally and the team and we are looking forward to working with her to get America hydrated.”

“It is an honor to be joining team HALO and I am thrilled to be able to support a minority and female led business with a mission I truly believe in,” said Kelsey. “I have been a big fan of the product since it launched and cannot wait to introduce the delicious drink to my community and beyond.”

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