Buy One, Donate One: It's Working

In an effort to support hospitals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, HALO has been donating cases of our organic, doctor-backed hydration drink to keep frontline workers and patients hydrated and their immune systems boosted. “Our patients are taking it like crazy at the moment," says Dr. Scott Greenberg, MD, Philadelphia’s Bryn Mawr hospital facility. 

In a recent WSJ article outlining what to put in a COVID-19 home-care kit, electrolyte replacement drinks were listed as essential: "As with any flulike virus, it is important that the patient drink plenty of fluids. Occasionally, Covid-19 can cause gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea, and replenishing fluids in those cases is especially important, as dehydration can worsen a fever."


With its powerful blend of trace minerals, antioxidants and ionic electrolytes, including 70 mg of immunity-boosting magnesium, HALO is an ideal option for hydration right now. “Magnesium is one of the most important minerals. It helps to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and keeps the immune system healthy," according to Dr. Greenberg.

"Furthermore, under times of stress, magnesium works with B12 to keep the adrenal glands functioning. Our body can lose magnesium thru both sweat, stress and thru the bowels so it is important to keep the tanks full of this crucial mineral.”

According to HALO Advisory Board member Jonathan Menachem, MD, Cardiologist, Vanderbilt University: “HALO can effectively help improve the symptoms of dehydration without the extra sugar. I often give it to patients as it is full of electrolytes, natural magnesium, and it tastes good so patients guzzle it down for rehydration.” 

What Frontline Workers Are Saying

Jeffrey Held, NYU Langone Health

"We have had large coolers of iced HALO daily for the staff to drink in the main production kitchen where all the patient food is produced. They have been loving it! Also, I just sent a whole bunch to the main café to go along with donated Sweetgreen salads for everyone’s dinner tonight.  It’s going to be a delicious and nutritious feast." 

Erin Beladino, Healthcare Worker 

"I work at a hospital and during this coronavirus time, our hospital has been providing meals for us. I was given one of your HALO drinks tonight and it was delicious. Thank you for providing a delicious product."

    How You Can Help

    To keep healthy and hydrated and also support our hospital donation initiative, text us at 833-277-4448 to order and mention code GIVE1. For every case purchased, HALO will donate a case to hospitals fighting the pandemic.

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