Latte Variety Pack


Latte Variety Pack


Our hydrating barista has brewed up a power pack of electrolyte infused favorite flavors. For real.

Now you can have an iced mocha morning, a indulgent slice of vanilla in the afternoon and a decadent caramel macchiato fueled evening without one thing...guilt. I know. We feel your shocked face. How does 2g of sugar sound? Like front row seats to your favorite band that’s how it sounds.

We have a unique, only found here, blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals including MAGNIFICENT magnesium.

Game Changer.

HALO HYDRATION Hydrating Latte Variety Pack.
They all taste like you waited in line to hear your name.


    the world's

    first hydrating latte™.

    Pour it.

    shake it.

    drink it.




    Informed-Sport Certification is a symbol of quality and peace of mind for professional athletes everywhere.

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    Guilt free latte

    Only 2g of sugar. Enjoy the great taste and long lasting hydration.


    Iced caramel latte


    Iced mocha latte