#MyArena Interview With Superhero Trainer Don Saladino

#MyArena is a place where you work your hardest, where your head clears, where there’s no limit. And it's no secret that place for HALO Sport Chief Wellness Officer Don Saladino is in the gym training with colleagues and celebrity clients like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Sebastian Stan (hence the name superhero trainer). But we sat down to dive deeper and learn more about Don, including why he prefers fast sprints over steady state cardio, the music genre he grew up listening to, and the sport he enjoys playing when he isn't working out.


What’s your motivation?

I'm motivated by the fact that I can get better every day. There's always one aspect of my well-being I can improve. Whether it's mental or physical, there are so many different components I can try and optimize.


You can only take one guilty pleasure with you to a desert island. What is it?

Working out (I’m only joking). If I could eat an endless amount of cookies and ice cream without ever looking or feeling different.


Slow burn or fast sprints?

Fast sprints. Over time, the body tends to slow down and if we don’t use it, we lose it. That's not to say steady state training is useless–it's not. There's a time and place for it depending on your rate of recovery.


We all need it: Who do you follow for a daily dose of #fitspo?

My daily dose of fitspo is not dictated by influencers. There are a lot of coaches that I respect and learn from. These are colleagues of mine that are truly moving the needle when it comes to education and information in the industry, i.e. people like Charlie Weingroff, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook Jordan Shallow, and Robert Yang, just to name a few.


Where do your most productive workouts happen?

Every workout for me is productive. It’s not always about trying to set world records; it’s about being in the right frame of mind, and that's something I feel like I can always do. 


Hunter or gatherer?

I’d say I’m more of a hunter even though I’ve never gone hunting. I think of a "hunter" as someone who likes to execute tasks to the fullest. If I can't find a way to get something done, I'll strategize with the very smart people around me to do so.


Are your workouts best when you’re on a team, in a class, or by yourself?

I take a team approach in my training, so I work out daily with anywhere from 1-6 workout partners, but that’s not saying I haven’t had some of my best workouts solo.

For me, it’s definitely not the class environment. Training is part of my survival and I find the classroom environment can be more about entertainment at times. 


What’s your style: morning, midday, or evening workout session?

Morning. I like hitting it early and getting it done. It sets me up with a great mental outlook.


Workout playlist: what’s your one-song recommendation?

I update new playlists every two weeks to my Spotify account, but if I had to choose one genre, it would be metal as I was born and bred a metal head. I do listen to everything, though. I’m going to a Phil Collins concert next week!


What sport do you really admire, but you aren’t that great at (yet)?

I’ve been playing golf for a long time, and I'm a single digit handicap player. I truly admire the level of consistency and mentality it takes to be good at this game. One day you can be great and the next day you can be terrible. Any golfer out there will understand what I'm saying. It’s a game one truly never masters, unless you're on the PGA tour, of course.


Check out Don's tips for better abs and staying motivated this fall. To learn more about Don, visit his website and follow him @donsaladino on Instagram, where he dives into the latest fitness trends and shares his training tips.

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